Sunday, February 2, 2014

Expansiveness: sources of zenspiration

Snowy scene from a winter walk 

This week was one that allowed plenty of time for reflection during some down time courtesy of some inclement weather.  I had time to take stock of some of the progress of some my mindfulness practices from the start of the new year.  Just as my Zen Gypsy partner, Aurora penned in her recent post on getting back into the flow of the new year, so too were some of my intentions tossed to the wayside after a tentative start.  Most were abandoned because they were just not the right tactic for me and others because I just took on more than I could comfortably tackle at one time.  So it's goodbye detailed food journal and hello to more raw and whole foods and those with 5 ingredients or fewer.  Also gone are any of my list of 21-day challenges that never quite got out of the gate because although they sounded quite appealing and "everyone" was joining the party, my heart wasn't really in them.

However, I am enjoying finding success in my renewed goal of adding more mindfulness, meditation and all manner of inspiration and new opportunities for learning to my daily routine.  This is all in support of my word for the new year - expansiveness.  I endeavor to expand my knowledge, my experiences and lifestyle in an effort to create more openness, compassion and understanding.  While on my journey, I am looking forward to continuing to grow my list of resources in the coming year and sharing them with you.  Here are a few to add to your virtual bookshelf:

The Shamash Alidina Daily - Paper li - a daily mindfulness e-newspaper filled with curated content including articles, blogs and photos from the author of Mindfulness for Dummies.

Headspace - online and mobile meditation app created by Andy Puddicomb, a former Buddhist monk.  I have been exploring the free 10-day Find Some Headspace program and am finding it a great tool to recommend to those who are new to meditation.

Brain Pickings -  "human-powered discovery engine for interestingness, a subjective lens on what matters in the world and why, bringing you things you didn’t know you were interested in — until you are."  A great way to tickle your intellectual curiosity.

A two minute mindful check-in led by Elisha Goldstein, PhD by way of Kimberly Wilson's recent Mindful Monday blog post which will give just the break you need to recharge during a busy day.

Jane Goodall on Spirit and Science in an interview with Bill Moyers. 

May your day be filled with new experiences and a dose of mindfulness to savor them fully.

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